Cove Lighting Kit, Easy as 1-2-3

Our Cove Lighting Kit will help you transform your rooms and create an elegant and impressive design, and still stay within your budget. You can use any crown moulding available at your local hardware store. Our Cove Lighting Kit is easy to install and is very low cost. Our Cove Lighting Kit includes energy efficient long lasting LED lights. The LED lighting consumes very little energy, and has a long life. So, you can leave your lighting on as long as you want.

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Cove Lighting Kit & Flexible LED Strips

Our Cove Lighting Kit consists of our patent pending, easy to install cove ledger, our super bright flexible LED strip lighting and necessary connectors. You can use any crown mouldings that you would like and is available at your hardware store.

Our Cove Lighting Kit:

  • Uses energy efficient super bright LED lights (only 1.5 watts per foot)
  • Can be used with any crown moulding available at your local hardware store
  • Is easy to install
  • Cost a lot less than comparable Xenon lights
  • Will last a very long time (50,000 hours of use, about 20 years)
  • Is maintenance free

Technical data of our Flexible LED Strips:

Installation is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Installation of our cove lighting kit is very easy. Please see Cove Lighting Installation for detailed instructions.


1. Install our unique patent pending ledger

Steps to install our patent-pending ledger:

  • Mark around the wall where the bottom of the ledger will be
  • Apply construction adhesive such as PL 300 or PL Premium on the back of the ledger
  • Place the ledger on the wall where the bottom of the ledger touches the marking on the wall
  • Nail the ledger to the wall using a nail gun

2. Install LED lighting on the ledger

  • Locate where you would like to place the transformer. Choose a place where it can be accessible after installation
  • Remove the cover of the adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip (1 foot at a time)
  • Place the LED stripe on top of the ledger, and press to make sure that the stripe adheres to the ledger
  • Connect the power supply to the stripes, and test the lighting

3. Install crown moulding

Install your crown mouldings as you would do without cove lighting. The crown moulding can be nailed to the ledger using a nail gun.

For detailed instructions on installing our Flexible LED strips see CONNECTING LED STRIPS.

How to Order

Ordering our Cove Lighting Kit is very easy. You need to measure the length of the kit the you need, and calculate the number of low voltage power supplies that are required by your application. Please see How to Calculate for detailed instructions.

Once you have calculated what you need you can buy it online at Shop Online . You can pay by your credit card or by your paypal account. You will receive you order within 10 business days.

You will save hundreds of dollars when you use our Cove Lighting Kit in comparison with the other comparable systems available in the market.

Patent Pending

Our unique and easy to install Cove Lighting Kit has US patent pending.


You may find answers to your questions about our products in Frequently Asked Questions, otherwise please call us at 1.416.479.0165 or send us a message with your questions.


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